• 2 Time World Open Champion
  • World All Around Champion
  • World 2 man goose Champion
  • 2 Time Canadian American International Champion

  • North American Masters Champion
  • 3 Time Michigan State Champion
  • 3 Time Minnesota State and Regional Champion
  • 2 Time Kansas and Missouri State Champion

  • And over 50 more state and regional calling titles
  • 18+ year veteran at guiding hunts and being a well recognized and highly respected Outfitter across North America

Sean Hammock is from a small town in southwest Michigan.   With his reputable family name & Uncle’s farm, Sean had access to an abundance of land. This is where he began his love for the outdoors.   At the age of 7 he began to hunt and when he was 12; he shot his first duck and goose on the marsh behind the farm.  From that day on, Sean began his crazy obsession of chasing ducks, geese, and Turkeys.

During his high school days, Sean earned the name of “BIG SEAN”.  Standing 6 foot 5 inches tall and weighing over 300 pounds on graduation day.  Everyone knew Big Sean was in love with the pursuit of ducks and geese.  Even his High School Principal knew when Sean called in on “sick” days, honkers were getting shot somewhere down the road. His family always thought he was kind of crazy and a little nuts for dedicating his life 100 percent to ducks and geese.  Nevertheless, the day has come where his family looks back and now knows why he did what he loved.

Big Sean has had the opportunity to work with the best waterfowl hunters and callers in the Country.  When he was 16, Sean met up with World Champion caller Shawn Stahl from Michigan and started traveling to goose calling contests with him.  After getting his feet wet, he was introduced to Fred Zink from Ohio.  That is when Sean’s world began to change.  With the help of Zink, Sean began to win calling championships while traveling the roads with the Zink crew.  Sean was also very fortunate to guide hunts and be part of several Outfitters in North America.  He spent most of his time working with St Lawrence Outfitters and David Roy in Ontario Canada.  There Sean learned a lot about land management and how to build a paradise for local waterfowl hunting and production.  Sean worked for St Lawrence Outfitters and Zink Calls for several more years before he took a fulltime job with another call maker and Duck Club owner in IL.   Sean packed up his stuff from Edwardsburg and made the move to Illinois.

Sean worked in Illinois for 3 years, winning even more calling championships while gaining a lot of Industry knowledge. Big Sean was also a big part of the Duck Club in Illinois owned by his former boss.  He was able to guide many of his own clients there and gained a lot of knowledge on how to kill ducks in flooded cornfield situations.  Sean was taught how to manage water levels, plant and harvest crops, position and build pits/blinds, and overall how to build a duck paradise.   Sean was offered another job in Minnesota with an Outdoor company after 3 years in Illinois.  With that offer, Sean made another move back to the North Land where he is now running his own Call Company.  Big Sean’s Championship Calls, LLC and Big Sean’s Guided Hunts, LLC were both established in 2010.

Everything has come full circle for the Michigan farm boy doing what he loves.  He is now back working with long time friend and call manufacturer, Fred Zink.  Sean and Fred go back and forth on call designs and collaborate to make the best duck and goose calls in the World. Sean now plans to take his Call Company to the next level and build USA made quality products.  Sean will  offer goose and duck calls, a “killinstuff” line of clothing, and film hunts across North America.  He plans to take the duck and goose call world to another level and up the game for call manufactures.  .One thing is for sure, BSCC will be a different kind of call company, not just another guy trying to make a living.  BSCC will set itself apart from others by using technology and a manufacturing process never seen by any kind of call manufacturer.  Ready for a change in the game?… So is Big Sean!  BSCC will also provide a School of Waterfowl Online TV channel on Youtube to showcase his products and help other hunters gain knowledge on in the field tactics.

Sean’s promise is simply this; “We will always keep God first in our business and our daily lives. I will make quality USA made products and stand true to my brand.  No call will be shipped from my shop without ME personally tuning that call and making sure it’s the best quality possible for the customer. I will strive to break the mold of traditional duck and goose call manufacturing and always offer the latest and greatest products to my customers.  BSCC will not be your ordinary call company and we will be forever changing the game.  100 percent satisfaction guaranteed!”